BSHIP is just not an organization it’s a ‘FAMILY‘

BSHIP is the first Arya Vysya Business Networking Organization. This was initiated by with the ideology of business networking among Vysya’s to Build strong business group by uniting all Business personnel from our Arya Vysya community.

BSHIP was born to offer you Referrals, Business Leads, Support, Help, Information, Practical Advice and also solutions to help you boost your business profitability and performance. Fundamentally BSHIP changed the way we do business.

With association of Passionate and Successful Entrepreneurs joining the team today BSHIP 400+ strong in Bangalore, Mysore & Chennai. With the vision of making BSHIP as a Global Business Platform for our community.

Talking about the success of the organization 200+ Crore is the Business completions with 5000+ Connects exchanged. Purpose of BSHIP to get Arya Vysya’s back to Business, Build unity of the community, Build Strategic Partnership, Recognize and Get recognized. What we do in BSHIP?

All BSHIP members will meet once in fortnight introduce their Business, Exchange Business Contacts and Referrals. It helps in increasing Business Potential among the group and grow much faster. Each meeting, one member will get an opportunity to present about their business in detail and share their success stories.

BSHIP Founders


Co Founder SEM Yoga

Rajesh RS

Co Founder Sathyaparva Chits Pvt Ltd

Sridhar SR

Co Founder Surround Networks

Nagaraj B A

Co Founder & President Sri Bhagyalakshmi Enterpises

Purpose of BSHIP:

  • Growth in their professional network.
  • Greater clarity of purpose, passion and goals.
  • Receiving support from the community.
  • Build your Contact List
  • Build a Referral Source
  • Recognize and Get Recognize
  • What makes networking truly effective happens in the follow-through — building reliable, trustworthy relationships with people that will learn to depend on you and whom you can also depend on and refer your clients.

What Can you expect from BSHIP:

  • Get introduced to warm and friendly business owners.
  • Generate leads, prospects and most importantly referrals.
  • Learn new technique to promote your business online and offline.
  • Make contacts and strategic connections.

What we do in BSHIP:

We are the most sought-after and respected forum among AryaVysya’s where entrepreneurs of integrity and diverse backgrounds openly connect, Understand, Inspire to do Business with one another.

Vision of BSHIP :

To be the Leader in Supporting Arya Vysyas, who strive to be the greatest entrepreneurs through networking amongst the community.

Mission Statement of BSHIP:

To place in proximity, all our Arya Vysyas Entrepreneurs and empower them through a strong connect by providing network review, business tools and one on one Consulting.

BSHIP aims at bringing all our businesspersons and professionals under a common roof and creating a vibrant atmosphere where every Arya Vysya can highlight their specialization and get business from the fellow members. Business Networking, Fellowship, Business Transactions, Business Connects, Trusted Partners, Verified Vendors, Competitive Price, Good Service, Business Collaborations, NEW Business Ventures are few of many advantages of being part of BSHIP.

BSHIP being a professional networking organization also have a very strong belief “Our Learning Never Stops with Schooling.” Professional Business Trainings, Mentorships, Knowledge Sharing with Sharing of Best Practices makes our members Tomorrow Ready Organizations and Business Houses.

With help of young and dynamic entrepreneurs, we have gone Paperless and strong online presence through APP & Website. It is not easy to combine tradition and modernisation we have made it in BSHIP through help of app.

We are proud to be First organization to create a history in creating a Business Platform for our community and growing consistently and successfully. Having very high value to your traditions, without forgetting our roots, we are proud to say that we are GENx ready. Paperless transactions and online presence through APP & Website is like an icing on the cake.

World Wide Web today has made communication quick, possible & affordable. Our dream to reality is happening through BSHIP-v that is BSHIP Virtual HUB, this will enable us to get all Arya Vysyas across the Globe to be connected, communicate, and transact between each other through mode of technology. Wider horizon of Business is possible by being part of BSHIP-v (Virtual HUB), realising business is draining in major cities and wanted to create a network where even if you are in a Small Taluk / Town / City / Even Cross Countries you should easily get connected And have a smooth business each other.

We request any Arya Vysya does not forget his roots and we are known for our Business. It’s told that ‘Business is in Arya Vysya’s blood’. So anything, you require we 500+ entrepreneurs are with you.

B - Business

S- Support  

H - Help      

      I - Information

    P - Promotion